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Michael Stelmasek CHST, CISEC, QSP, Safety Director, Bernards

Bernards has been using the services of CAL-Storm Compliance for over 6 years. The number one reason is Ken Kristoffersen who is our go to resource for anything storm water related.Ken makes a point of staying current with all the Storm Water Regulations. Cal-Storm Compliance has a “turnkey” approach to working with General Contractors as well as their Owners to develop and implement SWPPP plans. Over the years, Ken has assisted several of the owners (LRPs) on Bernards projects with SMARTS LRP account registration, NOI, Annual Reports and NOT transactions. Do yourself a service and let Ken and the CAL-Storm Team be your reference for any and all Storm Water Compliance issues.

Eddie Juarez, Sukut

Cal-Storm is knowledgeable and accessible. They are our resource for SMARTS related support. Cal-Storm inspections are thorough at identifying onsite issues and a great help with on the job BMP training.

Darcy Searle, Hillcrest Contracting

CAL-Storm Compliance is always there when we need support for Storm Water and SMARTS issues. Their classes provide relevant real world examples of BMP applications and storm water inspection issues, which ensures that we are better prepared inspectors. SWPPPs developed by CAL-Storm are always spot on, outlining BMP selections that make sense given our scope of work.

Ron Lorntzen, DJM Capital Partners

CAL-Storm Compliance is our “go to” resource for SMARTS related support. Their SWPPPs are thorough, meeting the unique needs of each project site, and provide practical guidance on BMP selection, saving money, as well as keeping us compliant. In the complex world of storm water permitting, CAL-Storm has been a great resource in the SMARTS permitting process.

Bob Berenguer, KPRS

Cal-Storm SWPPPs are thorough, and meet the unique needs of each project site with practicable BMP solutions that keep us in compliance. Their classes have always provided real world examples of BMP applications and storm water inspections that translate into better prepared inspectors. They understand the often complex world of storm water permitting, and have been a great help in getting our projects permitted.

Richard Wroble, Millie & Severson

Cal-Storm truly understands the construction process and realizes that a construction site is always in flux. As site conditions change, they recommend BMP changes that minimize the cost while still maintaining complete site compliance at all times.

Cal Storm Compliance Trigram